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Have You ever lived without the grid?Buen Hombre Kite Camp

Updated: May 7, 2023

Eco and simple conditions in Buen Hombre Kite Camp.

Buen Hombre Kite Camp
Buen Hombre Kite Camp

Have you lived ever without the grid?

We have. We have been living in Buen Hombre for 6 years without the grid.... :) this is how the water arrives to our bathrooms daily, the eco man-powered technique is super ecological but the muscle and time-consuming sometimes. Many times our guests in the kite camp do not realize that the whole village of Buen Hombre does not still have running water.... there is a limit per household weekly which is not much and many local people do not have the means to buy extra water. We buy the big water trucks that come in from 20km away for costly price to provide good shower water for our guests and us.

Also, the electricity in Buen Hombre is very scarce... to say the most... the electricity works 6 hours on and 6 hours off so from one day to another the schedule for electricity is different. The light bulbs in our camp are counted to last with the batteries through the no electricity time- 6 hours and sometimes more as the hours are no on the European schedule. We if you have not experienced living without grid - this is your opportunity! :) come an enjoy with us the simple life on the beach, with the best #kitesurfing conditions in the world #flatwater lots of wind and amazing scenery!

Our winter season is almost booked full, check-in soon to experience something different and magical!

aaa, forgot to say :) - we have no light pollution as we have almost no light! So the night skies are just amazing and full of falling stars and star formations... ;) something really to see and experience.



No Light Polluted sky
Buen Hombre Universe

Buen Hombre Kite Camp

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