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Looking for an adventure?

Our kite trips, downwinders and boat tours are the perfect way to explore the beautiful Northern coastline of the Dominican Republic. The Atlantic coastline can be very windy and this is why we are in Playa Buen Hombre- the windiest beach in the Dominican Republic.

Our boat is geared for kite surfers and kite trips. The professional boat has board racks, sun roof, banana boat, wakeboarding bar and marine speakers. We have fun and certified boat captains- at this point we have the only licensed tour boat in Buen Hombre and the only licensed boat captains in Buen Hombre. 

We have 4 main kite trips: Our graduation downwind is a 14km trip from Paradise Island or Cayo Arena to Buen Hombre beach, and we also offer a 17 km trip to Playa Popa. For those looking for even more excitement, our 7 islands trip is a whole day trip or an overnight stay with tents and catering. 

Our trips are professional with dedicated assistance and professional boats and captains.

We have 4 regular trips and we make special trips just for you like a romantic Paradise Island trip for the sunrise or sunset; snorkeling, spearfishing, diving, wakeboarding, exploring the mangroves and more.

We have more than 10 years of experience exploring and establishing the kite trips in the area with a lot of flexibility and knowledge to customize a trip to your wishes and to show what is special. Come and explore with us!

Paradise Island or Cayo Arena Downwind trip with Kite Buen Hombre
Paradise island or Cayo arena Kite Buen Hombre trip
Paradise Island downwind mangroves
Cayo Arena or Paradise Isalnd trip by Kite Buen Hombre
7 cayos or 7 islands kite buen hombre trip
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