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Hurricanes #Irma and #Maria brought the windless calm earlier than last year! But a good time to chi

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Thank you to all our dear friends that contacted us from all around the world concerned about the tough weather. Fortunately we had no severe damages, mainly strong wind and rain. First time electricity was out for 4 days second time only 10 hours. The bad "girls" of the Caribbean did a lot of damage but left Dominican Republic still safe and pretty sound :).

Kite Buen Hombre webcam during Hurricane Irma

i hope you too agree that moments of close danger disrupt our regular lives and make us think of other things. i was interviewed by Estonian National radio about the #Irma and between other things they asked why do i still Iive in the Caribbean if there are hurricanes? :) why do i keep living here? i can say out straight - I love it. The best description is that the life in the perfect climate is so good that normal basis we live with no windows , so it is ok to put on the windows once a year! :) Of course it is no joking matter!

we are truly enjoying the break. The time after so many months that we have us to take care of. Nice pool to enjoy, BBQ with amazing Dominican cook and a garden that is constant joy and pleasure. can i just tell you that the magical gardener Miky has a garden including all the following and more: coconuts in abundance, pineapple, mango, avocado, guanabana, cherry, lemon, orange, passion fruit, yuka, banana, platanos and maybe something else ... :).next time you come to visit please do not forget to ask for the tour.

And here it is, wanted to tell you what we have to offer for the new season!

first of all the result of couple of days in relative quiet and i have updated the website with many new features, please check it out and let us know any tips you might have.

with best, Kite Buen Hombre team

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