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Life off the grid in Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic. Kite Buen Hombre kiteboarding

Updated: May 7

Sharing some good vibes, wind and nice people from Buen Hombre- the GOOD MAN VILLAGE!

Our second full year of kite camp has been amazing!

The wind has been up to very high standards from May every day and will continue full speed until end of September, then we have 1.5 months with a bit more whimsical weather but still more than 50% days of the month have more than 18 knots of wind. Can't go wrong but we suggest to head down again from end of November.

Our 8 bungalows have been overbooked from May and it would be wonderful to have all the people in one picture to see the happy faces again.

we live in a small village. a fishing village. the internet reached the village from behind the mountains just less than 2 years ago. we have so much to celebrate. meeting good people, internet and phone signal in the village, great weather and beautiful surroundings.

Kite Buen Hombre kiteboarding

i am adding a small flash back from 2014 May.

this is how we started.

started the cleaning of the beach with a crazy vision to make it clean and safe to walk bare foot.

have a look...2014 and 2017. the same place.

Many of our people take advantage of the special treat we have, you can stay in Buen Hombre and in Cabarete and flexibly enjoy also both places. we take care of the transportation and watching the wether to get the max time on the water and partying as well. :)

new specials coming with new season, stay in touch and ask us more!

luv, KBH team

Playa Buen Hombre 2014
Playa Buen Hombre 2014

Kite Buen Hombre kiteboarding school and Kite Camp
Kite Buen Hombre kiteboarding school and Kite Camp

#Offthegrid #flatwater #kiteparadise #caribbeankite #dominicanrepublic #bungalows #kitelessons #lear

#buenhombrekiteschool #kitesurfingdominicanrepublic #learntokite #kitelessons #bungalows #caribbeankite #kiteparadise #flatwater #Offthegrid

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