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Kite Buen Hombre Chillax time between the busy seasons - friends and building. Getting ready for ver

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

kite buen hombre dominican republic, cabarete

This year has been interesting, came the hurricane Matthew and took our wind away...

We had 4.5 months of fantastic wind in Buen Hombre ... every day. Then came the hurricane and in Cabarete has been no wind at all for 3 weeks and in Buen Hombre, we have had a few nice kiting days only. It is picking up the next days and our students here will not have to be disappointed. :)

Meanwhile happy to announce that after a half a year of interesting process in the Dominican legal and not legal systems Kite Buen Hombre is officially Licensed school by the Ministerio de Turismo of Republica Dominicana. It is not easy to be a pioneer and we are starting the process in Buen Hombre that Cabarete had 15-25 years ago... starting a new place from the scratch.

We will finish this year with all permissions and license that there are to have. :)

Stay tune to our new blogs and you will be able to follow our film like history step by step.

Kite Buen Hombre carpenters ready for new ideas to be implemented! :)

Yours, Kite Buen Hombre team.

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