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Kite Buen Hombre summer season was fantastic! :)

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

What a kitesurfing summer, Kite Buen Hombre surf bungalows were full 3 months in a row and we have had almost 4 months non-stop wind! Interesting that this year the difference between Cabarete and Buen Hombre was very big, as we go back and forth between Cabarete and Buen Hombre all the time, the daily difference in wind was big, a lot more windy and very windy days in Buen Hombre. Would like to let everybody know who is not tied to kids at school that September is awesome month with strong and steady winds in Dominican Republic and definitely good time to come to kite!

Our guests make Kite Buen Hombre special!

We have had really interesting and international people visiting us and most of all, the pleasure is all our when we have many people returning to us. :)

Currently we have a special for our friends who take long a student and they receive the stay in BH for 50%! :)

See you soon! KBH team

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