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Cayo Arena or Paradise Island- one of the best beaches in the world

Number 27 on the list of the best beaches in the world, we can find - Arena, which in reality is called Cayo Arena or Paradise Island. Cayo Arena means , the islet of the sand.

Quote from the magazine:

The best of the best.

"Ours is the only list in the world compiled after collecting votes from over 750 of the world's most recognized and experienced travel influencers, journalists and experts, as well as our Beach Ambassadors. It is without any doubt the most accurate and well researched list of beaches ever compiled and is ready to go straight onto your bucket list!"

The Paradise Island is definitely worth your visit to see and we can offer you the best tips when is the best time to go and not have the sandbar full of other tourists. Cayo Arena is only 20 minute boat ride from Kite Buen Hombre in Playa Buen Hombre and very easy for us to take you for a few hours or for the whole day. Actually it is the closest distance from the coast to the Cayo Arena, closer than Punta Rucia.

We have been making boat trips to Cayo Arena for more than 10 years now, trips with snorkel, mangroves surprise, kitesurfing, downwinder from Paradise Island and more.

Our boat trips from Playa Buen Hombre to Cayo Arena or Paradise Island- one of the best beaches in the world

The main point for taking the boats to Cayo Arena is Punta Rucia. the commercial boat trips take like 10-15 people on the boat and stay on the islet for a few hours.

Our trips are very flexible. We make the trips just for you and any time you would like. We visit the mangroves and have a surprise for you prepared when we get to the mangorves to take some very nice pictures.

Activities on the Cayo Arena trip

Most of our boat trips are with kitesurfers. We offer trips with wakeboarding when there happens to be no wind or our more regular trips is to visit the mangroves. It is worth to go to the Cayo Arena just to snorkel to see the beautiful reef and set up the kites on the island or in the laguna to downwind in the turquois water back to Buen Hombre.

It is also possible to organize fishing trip in the morning or evening , spearfishing and also diving.

Best to organize the trip to Cayo Arena when it is not the main touristic holiday

Paradise Island can be very full of people. Actually the little island is not big! :) and when there can be like 100 + people it feels definitely full.

Ask us to advise for the best timing we have experience to guide you around the massive tourism that also arrives to Cayo Arena from the other parts of the island.

Cayo Arena or Paradise Island- one of the best beaches in the world.

Definitely a good idea to visit the Cayo Arena to see for yourself.

Contact us before to make a reservation for a regular touristic snorkel trip, a trips with wakeboarding or real kiteboarding trips to kitesurf in the beautiful water all the way back to Kite Buen Hombre school in the Playa Buen Hombre beach.

Here iso a video from a wedding we made on the Paradise Island already 6-7 years ago, this was a real special treat with wonderful young couple saying their vows with our special group of guests..

We are ready to make your wildest dreams happen! :) Let us know and we can get planning.

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