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Buen Hombre, definitely has the best wind confirmed by local weather station, in the Dominican Rep

Updated: May 7, 2023

Kite Buen Hombre, Buen Hombre kitesurfing school in Playa Buen Hombre, Villa Vasquez, Monte Cristi province and in famous Cabarete in the province of Puerto Plata is celebrating 9 years of teaching kiteboarding in the paradisiac beach with perfect conditions for kitesurfing.

Like every beginning, it was not easy to get set up a kite school without an internet provider, hardly any phone signal, and the only thing to eat was various types of fresh fish.

We have definitely come a long way and we can say that Kite Buen Hombre has very experienced kite teachers, kite gear, and association with 4 brands- Ventum, Crazyfly, Core and Duotone for sure! not that we provide for rentals the next year's gear, we also have great deals that these brands can send to you directly when you learn to kite with us and would like to order the gear.

From no internet and no phone 9 years ago, our internet speed now is 200MB+ thanks to the wonderful Starlink and SpaceX and Elon Musk.

yes, the weather and the wind.

We do have our own weather station and now we have proof to the great wind also in the statistics. An interesting fact is that although mid-September to mid-November tends to be the slowest wind month, our max wind in September was 65 knots!!! of course, it was thanks to the influence of the hurricanes Fiona and Ian that passed by the Dominican Republic and brought some additional wind and rain.

Windalert is one of the applications that show the live weather info from our weather station in Kite Buen Hombre kite school.

the wind is ripping the next days. this is our lowest wind month in the year- October. :)

wind kite buen hombre
wind kite buen hombre

Buen Hombre, definitely has the best wind confirmed by local weather station, in the Dominican Rep

Here is the statistics from September.

Pretty cool! the max temperature during the hottest month was only 35.5 C, the average being only 27 C is much cooler than in Southern European countries. Also it is interesting that just half an hour away from Buen Hombre the temperature is already 5 degrees higher! :)

Also as we also have our Boutique Kite Club Hotel and Kiteschool in Cabarete, the big difference is also in the rain. Cabarete is very humid and it rains a lot and Buen Hombre is the driest part of the country and it helps to create our thermal winds.

wind kite buen hombre
wind kite buen hombre

Anyways, nice talking to you everybody around the world. You know where we will be the next days- kiting with up to 30 knots!!! see you on the water.

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