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Ventum kiteboarding pro riders team filming the new product videos in Kite Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic

Updated: May 7

Our friendship with Sebastiaan, the owner of Ventum kites, goes back a decade and the words can not express the feeling to have a friendship come to a point to producing together something special and beautiful as these videos and photos. More so to have together a rider to boost and help to come to his real ability with providing means and possibilities for Davisito, the talented young kite surfer originally from Cabarete next to the where Miky, the owner of Kite Buen Hombre, grew up.

Thank you Sebastiaan for working together with us.

Our students love Ventum kites.

Our guests who have bought, love Ventum kites.

We have worked with Ventum kites since the very beginning the company was created by Sebastiaan. We have had the honor to give feedback about the kites and the service and help from Sebastiaan's side has been amazing. He is one of the most keen and thorough person we have met to make sure the kites and all about the Ventum kites is taken care of. All our students in our school are learning to kite with Ventum kites and as we also use at school other brands like Core, Crazyfly and Duotone, we can say that the durability of the kites is exceptional. Many of our guests have decided for Ventum kites.

It is great to showcase the pictures from the incredible weeks of Ventum filming in Kite Buen Hombre together with a fantastic team of riders: Richard, Jesse, Wauter, Maarten, Davisito, Miky and Edwin the well-known videographer.

Happy to share the Kite Buen Hombre stoke with all of you, welcome to come and try these great kites together with us.

Ventum filming in Kite Buen Hombre

Photos and videos by Edwin Haighton

Thank you Ventum kiteboarding and Sebastiaan and all the team riders! It was a pleasure to spend this time with you in Kite Buen Hombre

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