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Kite Buen Hombre Team and instructors
Our team is Experienced IN KITING AND HOSTING
*International * Fun  *Colorful *
and FULL of stories
Team Kite Buen Hombre
team Kite Buen Hombre
MIky Buen Hombre, head pro and  school owner

About Us

Kite Buen Hombre Team of Professionals

Miky started it all in Buen Hombre with kitesurfing.

It was in 2013 when MIky arrived in Playa Buen Hombre and Kite Buen Hombre team started to receive people from all around the world. Offering the best kite trips or learning to kitesurf in this beautiful flat water kite paradise.

Miky has been teaching kitesurfing for more than 15 years, he started kiting and teaching in Cabarete at the age of 14. He is DR Champion in strapless kiteboarding and the highest-level certified kite teacher. His skill and patience talk for themselves, if you want the best ask for Miky - the maestro.

Basically, all the boys who are kiting in Buen Hombre learned from Miky and he was the one who gave them kite gear to practice.

Many boys helped to clean the beach to be able to kite. 

It is quite a history and some of the boys that started to learn about kitesurfing from us at the age of 15-16, have kids of their own these days.

Thank you, Miky for your dedication and inspiration. You gave wings to many, let's see where they fly...

All our kite instructors at Kite Buen Hombre School have more than 5 years of teaching experience. All of them have certifications for kitesurfing and also for first aid, surfing, kayaking, and more. Know your teacher and ask for the experinece!

Miky Buen Hombre and Lucky, our logo original shot
Kite Buen Hombre Team and instructors.

We are a team Since 2013 and
celebrating our 10th birthday in 2023


A Book or A Film?

2013 start of the development
2022 almost preproduction

Kite Buen Hombre Team and instructors

All our instructors and Pro riders
with years of teaching experience

Strapless Kiteboarding


Competing Pro Riders

Rocky Kite Buen Hombre Team dog


Pepe Kite Buen Hombre Team dog


OUR TEAM versatile.
Kite Buen Hombre offers fast opportunities for development.
Becoming a CEO is possible
in our Dynamic TEAM.
We are looking for:

You can always try to apply for opportunities. 


Leo Kite Buen Hombre Team dog

LEO- the Barman

lucky running on the Buen Hombre beach
Lucky and Leo Kite Buen Hombre Team dog

de Buen Hombre

Kite Buen Hombre Team dog
Lucky Kite Buen Hombre Team dog


Buena Mujer
Kite Buen Hombre logo 2
Kite Buen Hombre logo 1
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Kite Buen Hombre Emblem
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Lucky Kite Buen Hombre Team dog


Rocky Kite Buen Hombre Team dog


Shaka Kite Buen Hombre Team dog

The Wiggle Girl

Office Manager

Leo and Shaka Kite Buen Hombre Team dog

Bro & Sister

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