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Providing Everything You Need

Our drivers conveniently bring you to Buen Hombre or Cabarete from any of the Dominican Republic airports.


We offer transportation between Buen Hombre and Cabarete. And we offer trips all around the country with our experienced drivers. Just let us know your plans and we help you to make the most of your travels

Villa Buen Hombre, Tropical Guesthouse, Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Rent a car or Moto

Moto is the best for Cabarete

For Cabarete the best way to get around is with a Moto scooter, Cabarete is crowded and congested, moto will easily let you drive passing the traffic jams, also to park easily.

We also have a car rental available conveniently in the location in Buen Hombre or Cabarete, just ask us ahead of time.

Kite Trips - Downwinders- Camping

We have several amazing kite trips.


Paradise Island Trip-     14 km of kiting in the turquoise flats and jumping the mangroves

Playa Popa - 17 km of cool terrain with flats, mangroves, and beaches.

7 Islands Trip- a whole day of kiting between and around the perfect Caribbean islands.

Paradise Island Kite Buen Hombre trips. Kitesurfing Kite Buen Hombre Dominican republic.
Villa Buen Hombre pool and tropical garden
Accommodations in Boutique Hotel in Cabarete
& in Buen Hombre


Kite Camp right on the beach with bunglows

just 5 meters from the sea.

New kite lofts coming soon.


5 min walking from the beach.

Tropical House- 3 rooms, 4 beds

4 Beautiful Design Lofts with fast internet & pool

In total we can accommodate up to 24 people.

Kite Classes and gear rental

Our kite school is located in Buen Hombre & Cabarete.

We have instructors and gear rental in both locations.


12 hours beginners course- Learning in Buen Hombre flat and shallow beach with daily more wind, you learn faster than in Cabarete. 

Flexible learning - You can share the course between two locations to experience both conditions.

Strapless surfboard classes, Foil and Wing Foil-

we have it all available, just ask and we make it happen!

Liloo, Crazyfly Prorider. Kite Buen Hombre gear rental_edited.png
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