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Playa Buen Hombre * Kite Buen Hombre

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Welcome, bienvenidos!

Good Man Village

Buen Hombre, Monte Cristi Province, Dominican Republic

Part I

It might feel like you are going to the End of the World. The World as you know it. :)
A string of unplanned coincidences led me to this beach. Lonely Planet writer probably did a better job telling my story than I can myself... but I will still try to give a small glimpse into how the things came about.

The other option is, of course, to join us around the table after hours of kite surfing in the beautiful turquoise waters and this story is one of the many stories shared among the kiters and travelers....
Our normal average in our Kite Buen Hombre Camp is around 15 - 20 people from the different countries around the world, and the question always pops up - how did I find this place?

... how I had a pleasure to arrive to this beach 10 years ago. It was a really fun trip to Monte Cristi and Buen Hombre with some good kite people. At this point there was no mention in the internet about Buen Hombre. The only blog was written by Susi Mai about the hidden diamond kite beach of the Caribbean. No mention of Buen Hombre at all whatsoever.
There were no signs on the roads and the road itself was pretty "holy" :). It took us a few hours more to find Buen Hombre than it takes today.
My producer's soul saw a place so undone and rustic and simplistic that I fell in love with it.

Together with Miky in 2013, we started to make trips with people to this beach and it was cool to enjoy the "secret spot" with our guests.
One of our first chill videos is here with the boat trips in 2013-14. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/179991141

The idea grew and we set up the Kite Buen Hombre school on this beach in 2013 winter. Still at this point there was no phone signal, no internet of course and all that we could get to eat was lobster, crab and fried fish :). Not bad at all. So we were eating seafood in Buen Hombre and chicken in Cabarete.

The next big step was to clean up the beach. The whole side of the beach which is the Kite Beach of Buen Hombre right now, used to be the place where the local businesses threw their trash. we had to clean 1 m depth of trash and glass from inside the sand. With a huge effort of some locals and our team; and finally the help of the Meer of Guayubin who gave us trucks to take the trash away from the beach, We hauled away 16 trucks full of trash from this beach. I am glad it is done, but there are still people who dare to throw trash on the beach in the dark or when we do not see.

Here you can see a little glimpse of the history of the 10 years of Kite Buen Hombre in Playa Buen Hombre. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/179991141

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