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Kite Buen Hombre kiteboarding school

Buen Hombre Kite Camp

The best kite spot to learn kiteboarding

Buen Hombre Kite Camp is running already 7- 8 years in the perfect kite spot in Playa Buen Hombre. MIky, the head Pro, kiter and kite instructor, started giving lessons and making kite trips in Playa Buen Hombre already in 2013.

When we started kiteboarding on this beach, it was truly like living off the grid.

The electricity was working still until last year only 6 hours on and 6 hours off. the village mainly and no part of the beach has running water, we buy water with big water trucks and pump it in the cisterns for shower and taps. The simple lifestyle is fabulous and once you try it, you surprise yourself how little is needed for happiness.

For sure simple life is not for everybody :), let us know as we have many different options for accommodations.

Buen Hombre Kite camp Playa Buen Hombre
Kite Buen hombre Hammock Lounge

Kite Camp and Kite School

We always have specials for the kite school and camp, also as we have a kite school and boutique hotel in Cabarete, we can design you the best flexible deal between the two locations.

We have lots of experience with wind and weather and many friends around the country to also make sure that you have the maximum wind for your kiting holiday.

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