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ANGEL DAVID BONILLA is granted a sponsorship from VENTUM Kiteboarding and KITE BUEN HOMBRE!

Angel David Bonilla is originally from Cabarete and has only been kiting 3-4 years he just only turned 19 years old.
A few weeks ago Angel David competed first time in the DR Open Cabarete PRO category and finished on the podium next to Carlito Martinez, Joselito del Rosario, Lorenzo Calcano and Luis Alberto who all (except for talented young rider Lorenzo Calcano with Crazyfly kiteboarding) have more than 10 years of competing experience and also 10 years more of age than Angel David.
Angel David won the Semi Pro category and placed 2nd on the podium in Puerto Plata DR Open.
He also managed still with a knee injury to place 4th in the Race right after Joselito Rosario and Carlito Martinez.
We have been working very close with Ventum Kiteboarding owner Sebastiaan for 10 almost 10 years and with a big joy to recommend and jointly sponsor Angel David for his future kiteboarding endeavors. He is already competing and practicing with Ventum kiteboarding gear and preparing for the competitions in Dominican Republic and internationally. Good luck and welcome!
Thank you Ventum Kiteboarding!

Congratulations to Angel David! :)

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