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IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization- Professional Kite Instructors course in Buen Hombre

This is our second year and third course of Assistant Instructors and Instructors in kite Buen Hombre. Our dear friend and very experienced Leif from Las Terrenas can always motivated and shown the best practice to these young minds from all around the world. Leif has experience of around 20 years starting in Las Terrenas when his was the one of the very first kite schools there. He is originally French but has spent most of his life in Dominican Republic and has knowledge and experience with the very first kites and the guys behind this sport. We value his time and good intentions always while also helping along the local young minds to be able to take the course.

Yesterday everybody passed the exam of the Assistant Instructors and the whole group is advancing for the second part- the Instructors course tomorrow.

It has become a tradition for the participants of the IKO to help to clean up the beach and pick up many bags of trash. Last year a significant change was made by the big help of the IKO participants from all over the country and internationally to give a face-lift to the Buen Hombre beach.

This year it is a great honor to have participants from Switzerland, Cabarete and our own Buen Hombre locals who have chosen to become professional kitesurfing instructors.

All our assistants and instructors in Kite Buen Hombre kitesurfing school are Iko certified and have up to the Second level certifications.

Photos taken by Leif. Thank you! :)

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