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Kite Buen Hombre new years resolutions

Updated: May 7, 2023

Life is good! Life in Buen Hombre is good, life in Kite Buen Hombre new school is even better! :)

we have had non stop 3 months with wonderful guests from all around the world. Funnily we had a week of Canadian majority, Germanic majority, French and back to the variety mix of people!

The amazing amount of work that we have done since July when we started the Buen Hombre Kite Camping, is unbelievable. we have to thank all our guests and friends who have helped. Your good will and energy to support our idea and this beautiful location where you can forget the rest of the world and just enjoy and welcome more people to the amazing location!

So the resolutions for the next year!

we have 7 bungalows right on the beach now, new beautiful school and a big surprise to come in just the next 2 weeks! The next full moon is the opening party for the new school, the new surprise and kind of a point for some time with non stop construction that we have had. :) stay tuned for the surprise!

hellos to all and when you are ready to kite and chill, you know where we are....

Buen Hombre Kite School- Kite Buen Hombre
Buen Hombre Kite School- Kite Buen Hombre



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