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Kite Buen Hombre- the best wind in Dominican Republic, the flat water endless beach with chill and n

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I am so happy to report to all our friends and students and followers, our camp and school is almost ready! :) We have 7 bungalows right on the beach with capacity of 20 people. We have been almost steadily fully booked since November and April was the first month to take a bit of breath back.

Well deserved break! so we had time to work on details! We have a a webcam on the beach!

a projector and big screen to watch and comment on your kiting improvements or watch some cool movies after heavy kiting day. :)

our new logo and imago will be presented next week and we will have T-shirts, and other cool stuff from the Beautiful Buen Hombre kite camp.

Thank you James, Miky, Madis, Elbio, Miguel, Erik, Leo, Martin, Mingo - we have a great team and never could have done this without all of you, and all the supporters and helpers along the way! Can't wait to see you back and fully enjoying our kite camp and the new editions we have added.

Next week, the 21st of May we are starting our Full Moon Party series every month. Buen Hombre is amazing beach in Dominican Republic that has wind from 10 or 11 in the morning until easily to midnight and even through the midnight. We kite often with full moon and this first party we will have Dj, cooking on the beach, rail for jumping and much more. :) come and check it out! we will not tell you all the secrets.

with best, kite buen hombre team

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