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Kite surfing is the Best in the Dominican Republic for the variety of great kite spots.

Updated: May 23, 2023

Kite surfing is the Best in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Kite boarding spots explained.

The Best Downwinders in the Dominican Republic

Kite surfing spots in the Dominican Republic
Kite surfing spots in the Dominican Republic

Kite surfing is the Best in the Dominican Republic 

The great thing about Dominican Republic is that each of the kitesurfing spots is very different and there is an option and something for everybody. From still rustic and non-touristic places to mega tourism spots you just need to do your research to find what you like and prefer.

There are spots that cater better for people looking to learn and spots for those riding waves, foils, wings and who want kite trips and downwinders. Everything is available but one needs to research to find what is important.

The biggest history, of course, has Cabarete, there are cool pictures from 35-40 years ago and how this fishing village has transformed into touristic spot and just not for surfers, windsurfers, or kite surfers but for digital nomads and all kind of tourists from around the world. The main tourism coming from Canada, France, America, Russia and Germany.

Cabarete and Las Terrenas are very crowded and touristic, all geared for condos on the beach and commercial lifestyle. Las Salinas is very different, not a kiting destination… really yet and Buen Hombre is far and still simple; the real surf style vibe without vendors and condos and many restaurants. Simple atmosphere and total eco style places available to stay and disconnect from the commercial life for a few days.

Dominican Republic’s flag spot is Cabarete – the Mecca of kitesurfing in Dominican Republic as well as in the Caribbean.

Windsurfing, Wave surfing, wing foiling, Stand up paddle boarding; the cool beaches like Encuentro, La Boca, Kite Beach, Bozo beach and more special little places close by. Cabarete is booming and changing and for many tastes too busy.

Kite surfing is the Best in the Dominican Republic

Cabarete is one of these special locations where you can go surfing in the morning and kite surf or wind surf in the afternoon. A good spot for digital nomads as there is a lot of different accommodations available - a row of condos on the beach, nice more local like apartments and places available just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Also design lofts and apartments for ones who search a bit more and like to have the lush Cabarete jungle nature around; only a few minutes from the beach can often offer a break from tourism and much quieter accommodations. The main street in Cabarete tends to be very loud and full of traffic.

Then Punta Cana, is famous for all-inclusive resorts and the whole vibe in Punta Cana is different from the rest of the country. The best months in Punta Cana for kitesurfing are the winter months when you also have wind in the mornings, which nowadays does not happen so often in Cabarete.

Las Terrenas, is touristic and commercial like Cabarete and maybe even more now. La Terrenas is growing in buildings and tourism, but the kiting stays a bit more limited due to much lower winds than Cabarete and Buen Hombre. On Average the difference can be around 5 knots between Cabarete and Las Terrenas and even 10 knots between Buen Hombre and Las Terrenas.

Las Salinas has constant but lower wind. The place is quite new for kiting and has become popular for people from Santo Domingo as it is the only main kite surfing spot in the South coast of the Dominican Republic and less than 2 hours’ drive from the capital. Which before the capital people were driving to Cabarete, thanks to the Highway also to Las Terrenas and less due to distance to Buen Hombre.

Buen Hombre kiting is 10 years old. In 2013 the Kite Buen Hombre school was set up. Little by little this paradisiac place has been discovered by kite surfers thanks to kite school professional connections and brands like Crazyfly, Spleene, Duotone and Ventum that have done their marketing materials pictures and videos in the perfect Buen Hombre beach. The water is flat and shallow which makes it amazing for learning and practicing tricks and photo shooting.

The accommodations are still limited- the original kite camp and hotel being the main and some other newer additions have popped up. The construction has begun for the nicer accommodations and set up for people that want to spend and have more upscale conditions. This will all be available soon.

For beginners the perfect place is Buen Hombre. Why? First of all because there is so much more wind every day bases then anywhere else in the country. There only a few days in the year when another place in the Dominican Republic has more wind than Buen Hombre, the wind starts relatively early already around 11 and you can kite until 7-8pm in winter and until 9 in the summer!

Welcome to the Kite paradise!

Experience of 10 years in teaching kite surfing and hosting!


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