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Buen Hombre Kite Hotel and School incredible team work!

Buen Hombre is wonderful! Beautiful! Full of wind, last weeks mostly 30 knots and people are happy! Our beach bungalows are full and lots of smiley faces around. a good friend of mine was visiting us for a bit more than a month and he / Madis coming from Milan world expo, came to help to design and execute a wonderful eco bathroom to the rustic Buen Hombre setting! Amazing how a bathroom experience can become a bliss, open in the nature, with bamboo walls, state of the art bottle floor and snifty little details all around. The pull above toilet tank reminds me of the old European bathrooms, a nostalgy! :)

And we towed this old Haitian boat that was left on the beach. It was left to diminish and we fixed the bottom with resin and transported it on the water 300 meters, pulled it to the beach with manly effort and 10 strong muscular guys from Buen Hombre and around the world! thanks for the help! Then local carpenter Maitin togther with engineer artist Madis shared the ideas and plans and we are on the way to open the new beach lounge next week! it has already become the most popular spot to sit on the beach!

this is just a bit of the rustic Buen Hombre life for you! the construction is almost done, puppies are growing and new plans as well! Stay tuned and we will share the ideas soon!

yours truly, Kite Buen Homrbe team!

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